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VIDEOCO is an interactive kiosk / video booth for recording messages from guests at parties, weddings and events. It records all kinds of fun, spontaneus and heartfelt video messages with its simple interface and good looks. All recorded videos can be viewed via a private web album and shared via Facebook, Twitter, and email.

Our Videoco video booth includes a camera, a hand held microphone (for a TV show like feel) and a screen to see yourself while recording. Our standard look should be handsome enough for any occasion but if you want a custom look we can work with you to "dress" the booth with any look you want.

VIDEOCO is simple to use: pickup the microphone, press the button and record a message for 30 seconds. Videoco can record as many videos as you want for the duration of your party or event.

A few hours after your event VIDEOCO will send you a link for a private Web album containing all recorded videos. Our custom web albums allow you to share videos with other guests, friends, family and (if you want) make them publicly available.

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Bodas / weddings


For that special day, VIDEOCO offers your guests a way to reflect and leave you a message that you can enjoy, share and cherish forever.

We capture that special moment from a very personal and intimate point of view. Guests record all kinds of messages: from very personal, heart warming videos to guests telling jokes and having fun... VIDEOCO records it all.

During you wedding day everything will go by very quickly. After your wedding, sharing and commenting your videos over the internet will allow you to relive that experience and remember that very special event in your life.

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Quinceanero / birthdays & parties


Give you friends an opportunity to tell you "a secret", something fun or how much they appreciate your friendship.

You will be able to share with them all videos they record. This can be done via SMS, Facebook, Twitter, e-mail or chat. Videos also can be viewed directly from a Smartphone (iPhone/Android) or via an iPad or iPod Touch.

What if I already hired a Videographer? VIDEOCO is not like a traditional video service. It is something more personal and intimate. There isn't a camarographer in front of you and you decide when and what you want to record. With VIDEOCO you friends and familly will feel encouraged to tell you things they wouldn't tell you in person.

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eventos / events / graduations / class reunions


VIDEOCO loves crowds (and loves to record them)

We can use multiple video booths to record thousands of video messages during festivals, concerts and public events. We have participated in events with 10K - 20K people.

For class reunions and graduations we can make a DVD for each guest of the videos recorded during the event.

The look of the video booth is fully customizable for your event or brand. Contact us to request a quote or check date availability.

Preguntas / FAQ

  • Who delivers the video booth? We do, our service includes delivery to the greater San Juan Metropolitan Area and Dorado. For other locations please contact us.
  • How many videos can be recorded? All the videos you like! We can record non-stop for 24 hours, if you need to record for longer durations please contact us.
  • Do people actually use the Video Booth? Sure! We normally record more than a hundred videos in parties of 150 - 200 people.
  • What happens with the recorded videos?   We send you a DVD with all recorded videos. We'll also give you access to a private website where you can watch and share videos with friends and family (via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter). Videos can also be watched via newer mobile devices including Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Publicly available videos can be viewed via our Videoco iPhone/iPod Touch App, available in Apple's iTunes App Store.
  • What are the dimensions of a Videoco video boothThe video booth was designed for use while a person is seated. Its dimensions are:  52” height,  28” width, 14” depht.
  • What if my decorator doesn't like it? Don't worry, we can work directly with the person in charge of the decoration.  We offer serveral designs that can be adjusted to any decoration.  As an alternative we can print a photo or any other design over the front and back surfaces of the video booth.

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